A mystery: Every app that I make that gets popular, it always gets especially popular with Germans. Does this happen to everyone? Or is it just me who somehow manages to make Germans happy?

@tootapp I think it's a specific talent of yours. Usually we're only known for caring a lot about chapter markers in podcasts.

@tootapp sounds like it happened to with Overcast.

@elvo86 @tootapp took a long time to get chapter marks regardless 😀🙈

@dns13 @tootapp but it’s so much better for it now! 🇩🇪

@tootapp im not quite sure, but it might be "Zufall" (coincidence) or "du kennst halt deine Pappenheimer" (exactly knowing what to expect from a group of people, kind of negative)

@tootapp I can't speak for the rest of us and don't know your other products but I really like the clean yet whimsical design aesthetic of Toot! paired with good UX. Clean and efficient with a sprinkle of aww wins the Germans' hearts.

@tootapp I think you build quality apps. (Like I said, after 24 hours playing with the beta, I am sold, even though it misses functionality). Germans LOVE quality. It’s a match.

@tootapp Maybe you have a dedicated friend or follower who acts as a gateway into the German or German-speaking community?

@tootapp This is no coincidence. Take a closer look at the accounts that write you: most of them will come from Two communities are gathering there: the German hacker community of the Chaos Computer Club (who run the server) and the German podcasting community around the so called "Sendegate". Both groups, which appreciate open source very much, program themselves and like to give feedback to open software. You did everything right.

@tootapp Despite the prejudices against Germans we are easily made happy. That's all. <3

@tootapp I started to learn Swift in late October 2017 and I have a few really small apps out. They‘re available in German and English and the downloads are 90% German. It‘s 98% as soon as they‘re free :)

@tootapp what other Apps did you write? I have to try them all :D

@tobybaier Auf der Profilseite vom Entwickler ist die Website verlinkt ;)

@tobybaier I work for these days, and I made The Unarchiver and Xee for macOS back in the day, but I have since sold them and have nothing to do with them now.

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