If you are getting errors trying to log in with Toot!, it is a server side issue that is being looked into. No need to report it to me!

Looks like this is due to a fairly small change in the response Mastodon returns after logging in, which means it is easy enough to work around in the client!

I'll be pushing out a fix as soon as it gets through to iTunes Connect.


There, the new version with a fix for the login issue should be out now! No other changes yet.

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@tootapp it works now! Thanks a lot for finding a way around it!

@tootapp noticed two things:

1. When I return to the app and new toots load, they sometimes push my timeline down, meaning I have to scroll back to read everything chronologically.
2. Please consider adding timeline sync between devices.
3. When I press the “show more” button to load missing toots, it pushes my timeline down. It should push it up, not changing my position.

Love the app so far. 🖖🏻

@tootapp I cannot find the instance mastadon.social and therefore no login is possible

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