A new version to Toot! is out! New in this version:

* Federated timeline now available (click the title).
* You can set up which notifications are shown on the notification tab (click the title again!).
* Twitter keyboard when posting new toots.

As usual, use to sign up for the beta test!

@tootapp I believe I can't see the federated timeline

I Can to the title in notifications to filter notifications, but tapping the title in the home section does nothing

@parkgaedae @tootapp same here. Or I’m too stupid to get it. No Federated Timeline. Anyway: Thanks for this great app !

@kraehenpost @tootapp ack...
My problem was you need to hit the button in the lower right hand corner, then you'll get your local instance

@parkgaedae @tootapp Aaah! As I said: I’m too stupid for 21st century software! 🤪

@parkgaedae @tootapp if you tap on the instance control on the right, then you’ll be able to tap on the title

@tootapp the federated timeline is a welcome addition! 👍

@tootapp not sure what you mean about the keyboard, but this is looking very nice! Great work 😎

@Floppy @tootapp Keyboard has @ and # instead of return. Gotta go to numbers for return.

@Floppy @tootapp Big win on Twitter but a mixed bag here. Mastodon usernames being what they are I rarely type them. But I bet a future version will do some sort of autocomplete thing. Good move for future. :)

@tootapp Gleich mal angemeldet, gestartet und sofort verliebt! 😍

@tootapp I was about to complain about the twitter keyboard on github because it removes the enter key

But then I realised, “but, it’s gotta be somewhere...” and Lo and behold, there it is on the number page 🤤

@tootapp Can I ask for some config 'tweaks' for not using twitter keyboards? :-O

@tootapp Can I ask for some config 'tweaks' for not using twitter keyboards? :-O

@tootapp Can I ask for some config 'tweaks' for not using twitter keyboards? :-O

@tootapp Can I ask for some config 'tweaks' for not using twitter keyboards? :-O

@tootapp where can I throw some money at to support the development?

@njumaen I'll probably release 1.0 as a paid app, so then you can!

@tootapp Any chance you can fix custom emojis not being shown? That sometimes means I need to go back to the web just for this.

@js At some point, yes. But it is harder than might be expected.

@tootapp have you considered putting the github issue link in your profile or similar? For bug reporters on the go/lazy/forgetful/new/etc?

@paulkruczynski It's there, but in the metadata links which Toot! doesn't show...

@tootapp d'oh, so it is. Very xzibit/yo dawg meme moment. Thanks! Love the app.

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