Finally, a new version!

This one has lots of stuff in it. I'm not going to be adding any more features now before the 1.0 release, and just focus on bugfixing and some minor polish for a little while.

New in this version

* Search! The top-right button now opens a menu with a few options, one of them being search. It currently works just the same as search in the web interface.
* Username autocomplete. When you type an @ on the posting screen, the app will now auto-suggest users for you to address.
* Deleting toots now works.
* Links to toots and users pasted in toots are now opened in Toot instead of opening in the web interface.


* Pinned toots are now shown on user timelines.
* Profile metadata is also shown in the user profile.
* Finally, user profiles are now no longer abbreviated.
* Bug fixes for some of the view transitions and timeline positions jumping around when navigating around.
* Super bouns: Once Mastodon 2.6.0 is out, and your instance has updated, you will be able to read timelines both forwards and backwards in time! The “Load more” cell will show you which way it is intending to load toots.

@tootapp omg loading in both directions is gonna be a game changer

@tootapp This is all super awesome stuff! Thanks for the update!

@tootapp Really looking forward to the new "Load more" cells! Thank you!

@tootapp Thank you for an awesome update! Short bit of testing and it looks like the timeline doesn’t jump around anymore when swiping back from viewing a toot/media. Yay.

@tootapp could please have swipe to open the toot like in Tweetbot?

@tootapp This is so nice! I noticed the difference immediately.

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