Now that 1.0 is drawing near I need to finally get on and figure out what to do about the icon. The current one is a placeholder using some of the official Mastodon art, but it’s not really designed to work as an icon. I don’t quite trust myself to design anything good and cute enough to replace it.

So I’d have to find someone who can...

@tootapp you could do something like the PixelFed logo contest with some crowdfunding Mark Wilson made the winning logo for PixelFed btw

@tootapp what look / feel are you going for? I'd honestly love a couple different icon options too (maybe a good "premium" feature 😉)

@charliemchapman Well, ideally very similar to the existing Mastodon art. I was hoping to convince @dopatwo to do something, but they were too busy.

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