Also Toot looks more like a tool where Mast looks more like a playful place. I’m not sure what I do like more but I like both of them. Pick whatever you like! @tootapp and @JPEG

@PawelOrzech I’m not sure I can accept that judgement when I have a signing elephant and a hidden pool game.


@PawelOrzech Go to any list of users, like people who favourited a toot, then try scrolling past the end.

@PawelOrzech Probably because the file is more than 8mb! I haven’t yet implemented decompressing large file to fit the limit...

@tootapp I was wondering what was that all about. Didn’t bother to read obviously because reading is hard! Waiting for decompressing because apparently all pictures on my iPhone ale larger than 8mb :(

@PawelOrzech Hmm... If they are pictures, I think there should be code that compresses them already. Does your instance have a different size limit than 8 MB (and hasn't changed the error message)?

@PawelOrzech Weird! I'll have to see if I can reproduce it maybe.

@tootapp make a screenshot on iPhone and then try to share it - doesn’t work because of size limitation

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