Toot 1.1 is finally out! It is, as usual, available on the App Store.

If you have it already, you should see an update soon!

What's new in this version:

* Themes! You can now pick the look of the app from four different themes, both dark and light. You can even use different themes for different instances.
* There is now a short explanation of how Mastodon works when you start the app the first time, to make things a bit less confusing.


* The settings screen has been improved - it now features explanations of what some settings actually do, and it also has options for setting the default visibility of posts, and changing the app icon.
* Small bugfixes and UI tweaks here and there.

@tootapp nice! Digging the Toot! theme and alternate icon.

@tootapp the theme picker is really slick, too. I like the way it changes immediately upon swiping over!

@tootapp i'm so glad that there's a black theme, but couldn't you have picked any other colour than brown for the hightlights? i mean i get that it's the colour of the lil elephant from the icon, but it just doesn't look very pretty in the UI. speaking of the icon, the new trans friend icon is adorable and i love it with all my heart!!

@Olli_W_ I’ll be adding an option to pick the theme colour.

@tootapp Waiting for 1.1 to be available in Germany... checking... no. checking... no! checking NO! 😫

@tootapp Brilliant! The favorites and default visibility for replies option are really great additions, too. Keep up the good work 👍

@tootapp do we have to get it through the store, rather than test flight, to see these?

@tootapp One of the things which bothers me with Toot is the lack of automatically loading the timeline and filling the gaps. Will this be added at sometime? Also Tweetbot has that nice feature where tapping at the top jumps to the top and again tapping at the top jumps back to your previous position. Amazingzly simple and useful.

Keep up the good work!

@truhe Loading will get more automation, but probably not gap filling as that is a bit too disruptive.

@tootapp I noticed the “app icon” section has the wrong title! Thank you for the “trans friend” icon too!

@ticky Oops! Sort of threw it in at the last second so yeah.

@tootapp all good! 💜 just figured it was worth bringing up!

@tootapp It doesn’t scroll to the top when refreshing the timeline. It just keeps me where I left ;) *thank you* #newclient #takemymoney

@Indronil Unfortunately, no. Toot! is built very heavily on iOS technology.

@tootapp I just downloaded it and when I try to toot or reply, there's no button to actually send the post? All I can do is back out. I'm on an iPhone 5

@tootapp (That's the last iOS version supported by the 5 so I can't upgrade it)

@amydentata Huh. Must be something with that... could you file an issue on the bug tracker to remind me, and I’ll try disabling hiding the button on older iOS? (It’s hidden until you actually type something normally but that seems to be broken.)

@tootapp Thank the maker! My eyes are so happy. [tosses amaroq off the home bar]

@tootapp i love this app.
but i just want to say one thing. i want buttons to be placed near the keyboard.
now, toot button is very far for me.
I hope you find it helpful.

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