Toot! v1.2 is finally out! This took far longer than I had planned, but it is out!

You can get it here if you do not already have it:

What's new:

* You can now customise the colour of of the different styles. You can even have different colours for each instance!
* Reply markers are now used on the main timelines too, to more easily see which toots have replies, or are replies.
* There are now link preview on the main timelines, too.
* You can pick the type of keyboard to use. The default social media style keyboard is also slightly more clever and will often insert two new lines when you press return.
* Bugfixes!

Here’s an example of custom colour themes. They’re really nice if you have lots of accounts and instances.

Also, the real reason this took so long to finish was that I put far, far too much effort into creating this colour picker. Figuring out a good touch interface, re-balancing the HSV wheel and triangle...

Considering releasing it on its own as a separate app after all that work!

@tootapp totally worth it for this slightly different shade of green I was able to pull off!

@tootapp any plans to make post visibility better? I have a hard time distinguishing if posts are locked or not. Also can you add an option on any post interaction failures to open up in a browser? Would love to be able to debug if the post was deleted or if it's a connectivity ever

@tootapp Amazing work! Reply markers really make a difference!

@tootapp hopefully soon in other AppStores, I see only 1.1 in the French one :)

@tootapp frantically pressing refresh on my App Store update page.

@tootapp Thank you for letting me set my gross colour as a theme! Oh! And full screen iPad support!!

@tootapp Tiny nitpicky thing, but the Trans Friend! icon appears to be lower res and non-retina on my iPad. Can you look into this? Thanks!

@melody Huh, looks like it maybe... the alternate icon trick is a bit arcane, I probably messed it up. File an issue?

@tootapp hi, I bought your app a bit earlier, but it seems like it's not possible to access to the follow requests on locked account? Or am I wrong?

@Vetra It’s not yet implemented, no. Hopefully will be at some point, but I have a very long list...

@tootapp Don't worry, take your time ❤️

I was wondering, is there a list of what's planned and/or what's in work in progress?

@Vetra The bug tracker linked in my profile metadata has most of it, but it’s not the most structured!

@tootapp Nice, good to know! I'll probably do what I can to help on this side if I encounter anything!

(BTW I love the alternative transflag icon)

@tootapp Just a small suggestion though, maybe add a link to your account in the settings page or something? So people can find it more easily?

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