Toot! v1.3 is now out!

This release is more about bugfixes and internal changes to support future features, so it doesn't contain that many new things. That being said, some people will be very happy that it now applies any filters you have set up! There is no way to edit filters in Toot! yet, but any filters you've set up on the web will work.

There have been big internal changes to the posting screen, and the first payoff of this is that you can now paste images, including GIFs! Also, there is now a delete and re-draft option like on the web.

There are also more silly easter eggs to find. Enjoy!

Release notes:

* Toot! now applies any filters you have set up in the web interface.
* Posting GIFs now works, and you can paste images on the posting screen. This means GIF keyboards will now work!

* Added the possibility to delete and re-draft a toot, which lets you fix mistakes without retyping everything!
* Overly long toots are now abbreviated when shown in timelines.
* Followers-only toots are now labeled as such, and the boost button is hidden.
* User profiles and content warnings now handle custom emojis properly.
* Lots of smaller bugfixes.

@tootapp Thank you for all your work on the app! It's the best of the Mastodon apps and I love all the little touches that add some cheer to the process. :)

oh good :blobowo: 

@tootapp CW emojos are very important :blobuwu:

@tootapp how would I paste images and gifs.. ? It doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried copying and image from the „Share“ screen in Safari, but when I try to long-press on the composer there’s not menu showing up..?

@tootapp aahh! Interesting, okay, didn’t see that one, thanks!

@tootapp it just crashes when trying to start. Anything I can do?

@tootapp It did. Could it be that I still just have a beta? App store does not show that I bought it, but Test Flight doesn’t show it either.

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