Asynchronous working seems to become less and less popular. Yesterday while on the train I edited a Numbers spreadsheet that was shared via iCloud, and I couldn't make changes while in dead spots. Now I'm trying to clean up my inbox, and while moving is queued, mailbox creation isn't. – I think developers should use their own products on the road more often.

Also, @tootapp's posting screen is really, really cute, but after looking at it for several minutes it gets a little monotone.

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@Xjs Internally, everything is ver asynchronous and queued (note how images start to upload as soon as you pick them, for instance), but the challenge is building a UI to manage a queue if it exists throughout the app, and dealing with failures and retries.

Sometimes you just have to give up and put in a break in the flow if you’re ever to get the software out the door. Asynchronous is HARD!

@tootapp Yeah. No hard feelings toward Toot!, I know how hard it is. I just found it funny that this happened in the context of the original toot. :)

I really like Toot! :)

@Xjs Now that you mention it though I’m getting ideas about how to actually do a UI for it, of course... but so much else I also need to get done. Sigh.

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