Toot! v1.4.1 is out! This is just a quick bugfix release.

What's new:

* Instances running Pleroma should now work again. You may need to remove and re-add the instance, or reinstall the app, to make sure everything goes back to normal.
* Zooming should work again on images now.

Toot! v1.4.2 is now also out.

It seems neither bugfix was quite 100% complete, and had to be fixed a little bit more. So the what's new list the exact same as in 1.4.1, plus I also tried to work around a mystery crash I saw in the logs that nobody has complained about yet.

Maybe I can FINALLY get back to working on features now. Next up, probably sharing extension.

@tootapp Just tried it and it worked! There's some weird issue where it's making wrong API calls (it's requesting /api/v1/statuses/1944295047449391371/context when I tap on a post to look at its replies when it should be requesting /api/v1/statuses/9fVjYOVYhDPxMf0agq/context, if I'm reading the system logs properly) but I'm not sure if that's just the joys of running on a develop branch, or if it's a problem on Toot!'s end, or something else.

@hierarchon I'll try to look into it. I thought I got rid of all the integer ID accesses but maybe one slipped through.

@tootapp Cool, thanks :) Let me know if there’s anything I can ever do to help Toot!-on-Pleroma.

@maxi @tootapp one dark inspired by the dark (standard) mastodon theme. And one black theme where you can choose the highlight color.

@tootapp it does zoom again, but I cannot move the zoomed image around to see other parts than the center. Is it just me?

@bestform Guh. I absolutely hate this.

File an issue, especially if you can figure out how to reproduce reliably.

@tootapp Configurable multiple columns for iPad, maybe? ^_^ I really enjoy the web UX offering me Notifications, Home, and Federated simultaneously.

@porsupah I’m planning on some kind of better iPad interface, but that will be a little while yet.

@tootapp Woohoo!

If there’s a way to add image description in the share sheet too, that would be awesome!

@cute Also, not taking any data for sure. I think I’d just get stressed about it if I had it. I don’t want to know what my users do, too much pressure!

@cute @tootapp Custom text limits not being supported is more of a my fault

That being said, the server is more than capable of validating the text limit, so the app is free to just let users send stuff even if it's "in the red"

@cute Well, at the moment the main requested features are sharing and follow requests, so that’s probably next. Having to do some pretty strict prioritising with what little time I have for working on it though so other profile editing is a very high cost/low return type situation.

@cute It’s the other way around, it’s adding Toot! to the list of apps for sharing from elsewhere.

Also, there is still a lot of stuff missing that is more central to the experience. Videos and gifs still don’t work smoothly for one, and for the average user that’s encountered many time more often than editing profile.

@tootapp I love your app it’s so well done, is there a way to incorporate making lists to group people you follow?

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