Toot! v1.5 has been released!

This release mainly adds a sharing extension, and some tweaks to pasting.

What’s new in this version:

* There is now a sharing extension! Share images, videos, text and links on Mastodon from any other app, on any one of your accounts. You can even share large numbers of images and they will posted as a thread!
* Support for drag and drop of images and videos on the posting screen.
* Better support for pasting on the posting screen.
* You can now remove servers that have disappeared from the net.

I do kind of like how the UI for sharing with multiple accounts turned out:

Toot! v1.5.1 has now also been released.

This fixes a few bugs from 1.5 that got through into the release. Nothing new or exciting, just works a bit better.

@tootapp this looks incredible. Ok I will give in and buy it. I wish there was a way to buy it and not give Apple any cut of the pie...

@tootapp yaaaaas!!! This is part of the reason why I wanted per instance themes, so you can tell them apart at a glance

@tootapp oh yes, and thank you for drag and drop support, tooting images straight out of safari or the files app just became 10x easier😎

@tootapp I’m glad there’s better pasting on the posting screen, so my pasted paste will post a good paste post

@tootapp *pulls to refresh in App Store*
*pulls to refresh in App Store*
*pulls to refresh in App Store*

@tootapp Hey, I’m having a problem w/ the share sheet:

- select a photo or two, share to Toot
- tap a photo to add description
- share sheet vanishes, can’t tell if it’s a crash or a dismiss.

iOS 12.1.4, toot 1.5.1, iPhone SE, doesn’t seem to matter whether photos are fully uploaded or not.

@tootapp seems not to matter! I hadn’t tested w/ an hdr one yet, but just did and it’s the same.

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