It's time for Toot! v1.8!

The big news this time is that there is finally a dedicated iPad interface, which is designed to use space a bit better, and allow more comfortable control.

In smaller updates, there is also now a switch to open all links in Safari, and if you long-press the action buttons on toots, you can perform them from different accounts.

The iPad interface is of course a first version, and I'm sure I've forgotten to update some things to work well with this new layout. So make sure to report bugs and other oversights to the Toot! bug tracker:

(I already noticed, for instance, that the easter egg game is pretty broken!)

Toot! v1.8.1 is out, with a few quick bugfixes.

* Disappearing toot buttons disappear no more. I hope.
* Clicking on notifications should work on iPad now.
* Long presses on action buttons should work a bit more sanely if you have only one account.

There are a few more known bugs that need fixing, but they take a bit more time and will come in a later update.

Toot! v1.8.2 is now also out.

This one continues polishing the iPad interface, fixing a few issues:

* Using Toot! in split screen mode should work now.
* The sidebar is a little bit narrower on smaller iPads.
* Boosting from a different account shows the right icon now.
* As a bonus, double tap to zoom finally works!

This version also adds the filtering for gab. This basically means that should gab ever launch a Mastodon instance on one of their domains (which I'm not fully convinced they'll ever manage to), it will not be possible to add it to Toot!, or log in to it.

I noticed in the original announcement though that people thought it would also filter out content from gab, which I didn't originally intend to do. But since the reaction was generally so positive, I though I couldn't disappoint, so I added this also. This is optional, enabled by default, but can be turned off in settings.

Turning that option off will not make it possible to log in to gab instances, though. That will remain blocked, as I will not be providing a service to white supremacists.

@tootapp Hoping to see this one fixed soon as nearly half the time I use iPad I’m on split view / slide-over view.

@tootapp I’m madly refreshing the Australian store to no avail! Dammit Apple.

@tootapp rad! Would still love URL scheme support so I can integrate with Opener at some point 😉

@tootapp hey, great work on Toot, as always. If I had a wish it would be to have the sidebar collapse to just icons in portrait mode (much like Tweetbot, though that one annoyingly does not expand its sidebar in landscape). Also, long pressing action buttons with just one account configured currently prompts you to re-authenticate with your instance (masto.soc in my case).

@kopischke Collapsing is a bit tricky since the sidebar contains things like lists and pinned hashtags. But do file an issue for the long press!

@tootapp I understand the need for proper issues, but I can only manage a quick toot time-wise ATM, sorry.

@tootapp as I said, sorry, needs must. BTW, regression warning: tapping a notification does not go to the notification (not even to the notifications item) on iPad. Just noticed on your reply ;).

@brunoph sorry for tagging you on my reply to the Toot!.app announcement (missed that it was a boost; duh). I’ve re-drafted it, but I’m not sure if that voids eventual notifications, so …

@tootapp I’m liking the iPad interface! Could we get an option to shrink the sidebar down to just the icons, a la Tweetbot on desktop?

@tootapp I appreciate all your work on this lovely app ❤️✨

@tootapp Thank you for the iPad support! (And all the hard work in general.) Makes my tooting much more manageable.

(You probably already know the timeline isn't visible in slideover and narrow split-screen mode.)

@tootapp Sorry, I should have checked GitHub issues before mentioning it. I see it's already there.

But seriously, thank you for the work. Toot! makes me happy just using it.

@tootapp Always thank you for the great app! Do you have any plan to add an option to choose a web browser to open links, like Firefox or Chrome?

@tootapp just now finally trying out the iPad layout. Looks super nice, and reminded me that I have lists, which I’d totally forgotten about. ::D

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