It's time for Toot! v1.8!

The big news this time is that there is finally a dedicated iPad interface, which is designed to use space a bit better, and allow more comfortable control.

In smaller updates, there is also now a switch to open all links in Safari, and if you long-press the action buttons on toots, you can perform them from different accounts.


Toot! v1.8.1 is out, with a few quick bugfixes.

* Disappearing toot buttons disappear no more. I hope.
* Clicking on notifications should work on iPad now.
* Long presses on action buttons should work a bit more sanely if you have only one account.

There are a few more known bugs that need fixing, but they take a bit more time and will come in a later update.

@tootapp I appreciate all your work on this lovely app ❤️✨

@tootapp Thank you for the iPad support! (And all the hard work in general.) Makes my tooting much more manageable.

(You probably already know the timeline isn't visible in slideover and narrow split-screen mode.)

@readsteven Yeah, that's one of the remaining bugs to be fixed.

@tootapp Sorry, I should have checked GitHub issues before mentioning it. I see it's already there.

But seriously, thank you for the work. Toot! makes me happy just using it.

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