Going to start looking into getting the iPad version of Toot! working on macOS 15.

Well, beautiful it is not, on the first try, but it does build and run with a few tweaks, which is quite impressive.

@tootapp I know iPad support is not a priority for a lot of devs. I really appreciate the split screen tweaks in the latest version, and look forward to what's next.

@tootapp this isn’t something I will personally use, but I do appreciate the feature for those that will

@njumaen I may do. I’ll announce it here when I have anything so stay tuned!

Will be needing the 10.15 beta of course.

"just check the Mac box" didn't work like the keynote said?

@r000t It works, after a few small tweaks, but that only gets you the app running, not looking good.

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