Tootdon, the Mastodon iOS app I've been using, abruptly announced it was shutting down yesterday. No explanation. I originally selected it based on a Lifehacker recommendation, but a Google search for it just now indicates it may have been tracking users without informing them, according to articles from spring 2018. Time to look for a new app!

@scrivener Yipe! Well, I like @tootapp though I admit I didn't dig into their terms of service or privacy policy for any gotchas.


@editor @scrivener The privacy policy is basically that I save nothing anywhere except in the app. The only backend part is the notifications relay, which only sees web push data, which is end to end encrypted and decrypted inside the app. They go through Apple’s push servers too and they can’t see the contents either, which is a nice bonus on the web push standard.

@tootapp @editor Hi! Thanks for the info. I’m typing this in on Tootle app but still looking around.

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