I hope @tootapp is getting a ton of sales with Tootdon shutting down. Seems like a good people behind it.

@Kye @tootapp which of the mobile clients are the least nazi-friendly?


@bulkington @Kye Well, I’m getting review bombed by the cryptonazis at the moment if that counts for anything!

@tootapp One of those reviews literally said “this app is not freedom ready”. Wow. Great app! Glad to have bought!

@tootapp Thank you for updating the description to mention that certain instances are blocked.

If you’re going to block instances regardless of the what the checkbox is set to, then I would recommend just eliminating it completely.

@louwestin The checkbox blocks content from other users. The login block can not be changed because that would ruin the point of having it.

@tootapp The checkbox blocks content from other users? That seems redundant since Mastodon already has a filter built into it.

@louwestin It is a convenience, added because most people thought the feature would do that.

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