@louwestin@fosstodon.org @astheroth @fdroidorg Toot! is not free software.

I have created a number of free software applications in the past, including one that was an FSF high priority project.

But I made the decision to not make Toot! “free software” for various reasons. And if you now want to claim that bring free software means you MUST provide services to the far right, then I feel more than ever before that I made the right decision.


@louwestin@fosstodon.org @astheroth @fdroidorg If being free software means I can not oppose fascism, then honestly, I have no interest in free software. Some things are far more important than software freedom, and this in one,

Free software means the tool belongs to the user. You can oppose whatever you want. But if you build a tool you don't get to decide who gets to use it.

If you think your ideology is more important that freedom for people you're the closest thing to a fascist here.
@louwestin @astheroth @fdroidorg

@mister_monster @louwestin@fosstodon.org @astheroth @fdroidorg I will not make tools that help and promote hatred, simple as that. I will either do what I can to prevent that use, or I will not make them at all. I have absolutely zero interest in any ideology that says I must do so.

And no, that is not fascist. That is what any decent human being would do. Opposing hatred is not itself hatred, and suggesting it is is simply absurd.

You can't equate your own ideology with *the* moral argument. "That is what any decent person would do." Tossing a blanket statement of "hatred" on top of anything you disagree with and then taking a morally superior stance is not morally superior or intellectually honest.

You can make whatever tools you want how you want. But you don't decide who uses them.
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@mister_monster @tootapp @astheroth @fdroidorg To fascists "freedoms" are nothing but tools to be used to take away the rights of minorities.

If you care for a world with net positive freedom, then giving a fascist the freedom to remove other's freedom is not the solution.

To maximize freedom in the world we must oppose whom want to crush it: Fascists.

@tootapp Indeed. Pay those obviously disingenuous "censoring fascism is the real fascism" tossers no mind.

It's such a trite pile of nonsense that there's no real reason to engage with it at all.

No-one who is not in fact a fascist apologist would be so absurdly ignorant as to seriously propose that it is fascist to prevent fascists from using your tool.

They are speaking against their own better judgment, as poor as that judgment is.

@tootapp @astheroth @fdroidorg @bgcarlisle in my opinion free software cannot mean free from the responsibility to keep marginalized people safe.

free software and fascism 

@tootapp @astheroth @fdroidorg @Juju Just for this sentence I’d like to buy your software several more times.

@tsturm @tootapp Ugh, I wish I could buy it but I'm over here on Android.

@tsturm @tootapp Just making sure you know about the "Toot! is Too Cheap" IAP. It's under Settings.

@readsteven @tootapp LOL - Excellent! What a great idea. Purchased that immediately. 😁

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