Toot! v1.10 has been released!

It's been quiet a while because I've been dealing with a lot of life, but finally, v1.10 is here! This release is mainly focused on accessibility, which I've been neglecting so far. This version makes a bunch of improvements to that on the main screens of the app, if you have iOS 13. It's not perfect yet, but I hope to do a few more accessibility-related releases in the future if I get some good feedback on what needs doing!


Release notes:

* Many improvements to VoiceOver accessibility on iOS 13!
* Added a popup menu for switching servers in case the regular swipe controls are annoying to use. Long press the bottom right button to access it.
* Some small visual fixes for dark mode.
* Fixed scrollbars on iOS 13.

The accessibility changes are unfortunately limited to iOS 13 only, since that version contains some good improvements to the APIs that made the work a lot easier.

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@tootapp I'd be interested to hear more about those iOS 13 exclusive APIs that make things a lot easier. Things like the AccessibilityLabel have been around since iOS 3, for example, CustomActions since iOS 8 or so. I am really curious what the difference for iOS 13 vs. earlier versions is in terms of APIs or code. I am not criticizing, blind users are just as update-eager as the rest of the iOS community. Just curious.

@marcozehe Custom actions can take blocks rather than names selectors in 13, which makes it much more reasonable to build dynamic lists of actions rather than static ones. This is heavily used for actions on toots to open links and hashtags and so on.

@tootapp Oh, fantastic! Thanks for letting me know. :)

@tootapp wow! What a difference! This is fantastic!

One thing I found is some „link to“ without actually saying where to. For example my last reply to you is read as:

„Marco Zehe (@marcozehe@toot dot cafe): @Link to Oh, fantastic! Thanks for letting me know. :)
2 hours ago“

@marcozehe Might be getting confused by the mentions somehow. This is quite fiddly to get right! File some issues with link to specific toots that have problems.

@tootapp Hah, found the pattern. The "link to " always happens with mentions that go to users that are not on the same instance as oneself. So, for you, all mentions in toots that do not go to will exhibit this. All mentions that go to users on, won't. I just verified this on and, two instances where I have accounts. So, toots I see it in aren't going to be toots you'll see it in. Make any sense? :)

@tootapp Also, the process of tooting an image (or more) is not very accessible yet, I'll file an issue later that walks through the various problems I am seeing, in particular with the Library screen and when adding a description to the image. I will post the issue URL here once I have filed it.

@tootapp excellence stuff. Only things missing for me to make this nearly perfect is double tap zoom of pictures and support for posts with audio content. At the moment posts with audio content show text in my feed but there is no way to listen to the audio. Keep up the good work!

@tootapp Not so sure about the scrollbar, I‘m afraid. Seems to me like its top position is too low, i.e. it doesn’t reach the top of the messages area.

@tootapp Sorry – thought so, but did not. The new version is not yet available to me.

@tootapp sounds like a great release, thanks ^^

Ever since I updated to iOS 13, I keep accidentally hitting the scroll bar, losing my current position on the timeline.
Is this the fix you’ve mentioned?

@dysphoricunicorn @tootapp unfortunately you can’t disable that feature. Someone else recently complained about that too. Hopefully Apple will add a toggle to settings.

@tootapp installed this morning. Pressing reply to a toot crashes the app. When I hit the reply button the app pauses for a second and then exits to the background. iPhone SE on IOS 12.4.

@tootapp Ill update when I get home from work and can get on wifi again and let you know if it fixes the issue.

@big_chip Actually, I can reproduce it on an old simulator, so hold off on it and I’ll try to do a bugfix release.

@big_chip Oh dear. This is apparently a bug in Xcode 11.2 affecting basically everything built with it. Massive mess on Apple’s side.

@tootapp ewww, I always knew Xcode could be frustrating but this is a new level.

@tootapp The pop-up menu for instance switching is WONDERFUL, thank you!

I'm getting a privacy error when I try to log in via this modified Glitch.soc instance. Has toot worked for other Glitch users and it's just me, or do I need to use one of those other apps? (I don't want to. Toot is the best app by a mile.)

@tootapp For some reason, setting my default post type to Unlisted seems to have fixed it. @multiple_creatures suggested I try that and I can use Toot again!

idk what that says about the root problem, but it's what solved it for me

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