Toot! v1.10 has been released!

It's been quiet a while because I've been dealing with a lot of life, but finally, v1.10 is here! This release is mainly focused on accessibility, which I've been neglecting so far. This version makes a bunch of improvements to that on the main screens of the app, if you have iOS 13. It's not perfect yet, but I hope to do a few more accessibility-related releases in the future if I get some good feedback on what needs doing!

Release notes:

* Many improvements to VoiceOver accessibility on iOS 13!
* Added a popup menu for switching servers in case the regular swipe controls are annoying to use. Long press the bottom right button to access it.
* Some small visual fixes for dark mode.
* Fixed scrollbars on iOS 13.

The accessibility changes are unfortunately limited to iOS 13 only, since that version contains some good improvements to the APIs that made the work a lot easier.

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@tootapp The pop-up menu for instance switching is WONDERFUL, thank you!

I'm getting a privacy error when I try to log in via this modified Glitch.soc instance. Has toot worked for other Glitch users and it's just me, or do I need to use one of those other apps? (I don't want to. Toot is the best app by a mile.)

@tootapp For some reason, setting my default post type to Unlisted seems to have fixed it. @multiple_creatures suggested I try that and I can use Toot again!

idk what that says about the root problem, but it's what solved it for me


@Cobalt @multiple_creatures Sounds like something that needs to be fixed on the server side.

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