Toot! v1.12 is now out!

This release adds a few smaller feaures, like bookmarks and hashtag autocomplete, and a bunch of bugfixes.

Full release notes:

* Added support for bookmarks.
* Added hashtag autocomplete while composing toots.
* Made some changes and fixes to how toots are read using VoiceOver.
* Made it possible to cancel loading spinners if a server refuses to respond.
* Added long presses on the actions on profile screens, so that you can follow from a different account.

* Fixed a bug with the notification settings on iPad in split screen.
* Made the transition when showing images a bit nicer in dark mode.
* Tried to make some more fixes for image colour spaces when uploading images.
* Made some improvements for easter eggs, and made some easier to find.
* A few other really minor fixes.

@tootapp Does it scheduled status already? Not supporting scheduled status is fine. I asked because I am afraid that I may not know how to use it. 😅

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