Toot! v1.13 is now out!

The main new feature in this release is a new screen for direct messages (finally!), and an (optional) floating bubble system for direct messages. Also a bunch of smaller tweaks and bug fixes.


This took ages to finish because I got stuck rewriting parts of the app I wasn’t quite happy with, to support the current and future features. I hope I didn’t introduce too many new bugs in the process, but keep an eye out and let me know if anything is behaving oddly!

(Also took ages because I got sidetracked into working on, check that out too!)

Actual change list:

* Added a direct message view.
* Added optional floating bubbles for direct messages.
* Small visual fixes for direct messages in dark mode.
* The currently selected account and tab are now saved when the app restarts.
* Slightly better support for displaying toots in right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.

* Fixed some rare bugs related to deleted toots.
* Fixed the hashtag completion.
* Fixed the character counter which was sometimes off by one for each link.
* Fixed some transition animations.
* Made browsing through images slightly more responsive.

Toot! v1.13.1 is now also out!

This is a bugfix release for the previous version. It fixes some newly introduced bugs and some older ones. Nothing else new and exciting, though!

* Fixed tap­ping on the head­er and avatar im­ages on a user pro­file page.
* Fixed weird scrolling be­hav­iours on the post­ing screen on iPads.
* Fixed some caching is­sues that would very oc­ca­sion­al­ly cause mys­te­ri­ous is­sues with the time­lines.
* Fixed some colour is­sues with the Ob­sid­i­an theme.
* Fixed some dark mode UI is­sues on iOS 12 and else­where.
* Dis­abled some of the more com­pli­cat­ed ef­fects on old­er de­vices to pre­vent crash­ing.
* Fixed some rare crash­es.

@tootapp hello, due to lack of time I couldn't report the bug (?) on Github.
In short: on iPad a circle for DM is always visible on screen and tapping it opens a DM popup which cannot be closed unless you force close the app from app switcher.

@groosha Can you get some screenshots or recording? What iOS version?

@tootapp I certainly can, but unfortunately not right now.
I see this "bug" on iPad Pro 10.5" (2017) and iPadOS 13.5

@groosha I can't seem to reproduce this. For me, the message popup closes just fine?

@tootapp I'm sure I had problems with it, but I'll double check with the latest update. And since you're unaware of this, might be not a serious bug, if it's even a bug.

@tootapp I think fixes around dark mode are pretty exciting!

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