If anyone is using Toot! on an older device, I have a quick favour to ask: Could you go to the ... menu, then pick Relax, and then try out the different options?

Then report back with what device you have, and whether any of the different modes were broken or caused a crash of any kind. Even if they all work, that is useful information so let me know!

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@tootapp all 3 modes appear to work on the original iPhone SE.

@tootapp Aw, "Relax" is only present on the iPhone version, not iPad!

"Watching the stars" and "Soaring in the sky" seem fine, but "Playing pool" dies as soon as I touch the ball, bounced back to Springboard. 5s, iOS 12.4.7.

@porsupah Oh yeah, I need to find a way to add them on the iPad too...

@jahtnamas @michel @kraehenpost @Ranjit That's very good to know, seems 6s is the oldest where they all still work.

@tootapp All relax modes seem to work well on an original iPhone SE (iOS 13.3.1)

@tootapp everything seems fine on an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.5.1

@tootapp iPhone 6 , iOS 12, all is working except the pool option. As soon as selected the app crashes.

@tootapp iPhone 8 plus with iOS 13.5.1 all work fine.

And I love Playing Pool! 😁

@tootapp all good on iPhone 6sPlus with newest iOS version. 👍

@tootapp I’m on an SE original (A9), and they all seem to work fine. (Although I still don’t quite understand the rules of the pool game. 😅) The stars one is noninteractive, but it looks like it’s supposed to be.

@tootapp working fine on iPhone 8 (“old”). BTW I didn’t know about the pool, awesome! 😂

@tootapp iPhone 7 here. All three options are working fine. By the way, the pool one is cool. Is there any game app with that very good looking?

@tootapp 6S, tooterball crashes immediately, soaring works fine, and looking at the sky works (if it is supposed to be a static image)

@tootapp XS, everything seems to work, although the stars don't move and I really need to figure out what the pool rules are 🤔

This is so cool though. How did I not notice this before? 😍

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