Furthermore, Toot! v1.13.2 is out.

Another bugfix release with a few more fixes that didn't make it into the last one:

* Fixed the share sheet extension.
* Minor visual tweaks.
* A bug where toots with link previews ended up overlapping other ones was possibly, maybe fixed.

@tootapp Hey I love Toot! (Especially the relaxing pool 😆) I hope you don't mind an unsolicited feature request – the server switching button on the bottom right would be really awesome if it would "wrap around"! I keep forgetting which direction to swipe, and there's no visual indication of where I'm currently at in the "card queue", so I keep hitting the end, then swiping again in another direction...

@tootapp (Also the swipe up gesture often brings up iOS' Control Center if I'm not laser careful)

@tootapp Ha, just as I stumbled upon the share sheet issue it’s already been fixed. Love your great work on this app!

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