Has anyone tried Toot! on iOS 14 yet? I haven't wanted to mess with any of the betas just yet so I haven't had a chance, but it would be nice to know if there are any issues I should be planning to fix.


Also wondering if Toot! triggers the paste warning on iOS 14. I do check the state of the pasteboard in order to show a paste button on the keyboard toolbar, but not sure if that will trigger the warning or not.

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@tootapp There's a new API for checking that without reading the contents now

@Gargron @tootapp I tried quickly looking that up and only found older existing APIs that do that too, that I seem to recall that I use already? So it might just work? At least that is what I was hoping.

@tootapp Noticed now in beta 2 that there’s a privacy option to only allow access to selected photos in the library. Didn’t work and crashes after.

@tootapp I'm running latest 14.2 beta. I don't get a paste notification until I actually paste something.

@tootapp wow, I'm dumb I thought 4mn meant 4 minutes, not 4 months.

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