Toot! v1.15 is out!

This is mostly an accessibility and bugfix update, with accessibility improvements mainly on the posting, photo library and toot screens. But there is one small fun feature: You can now share a toot as an image, to make it easier to share toots on other social networks or messaging apps.

Full change list:

* Better accessibility support on various screens, such as the posting screen, photo library and toot screen.
* Added an option to share a toot as an image, to make it easier to share things on other social networks or messaging apps.
* Add support for limited photo access on iOS 14.
* Fixed a bug where the emoji picker would not work on some servers.
* Fixed logging in to servers that run their web interface on a separate domain.
* Some other small bugfixes.

Oh, forgot to add it to the official list, but there is also now an "Open in Safari" button on the various share sheets, which is handy for opening toots or users in the web interface, among other things.

@tootapp Even on profile pages, yes! This will make the process of evaluating follow requests much easier!

@tootapp Great, I gotsomething to play with again. ;-) It is alway such a joy to. See, how much You care about accessibility!

@tootapp since the last update I can no longer preview my notifications, just seeing a 🎺 do I have to change something on my server?

@tootapp still no preview, I’ll double check if something changed on my instance

@julienxx That one basically means Toot is failing to decode the notification. Either Toot lost the encryption keys somehow or the notification extension is not running, which should not happen... does a phone restart help? Or reinstall of Toot?

@tootapp @julienxx Just ran into this on my iPhone, not on my iPad. Both fresh installs and a single server login. Will try a phone restart before a reinstall.

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