Toot! v1.15.1 is out!

This is a small bugfix release, which I pushed out while developing other stuff because I couldn't figure out how else to get the privacy policy to update, and I thought I might as well.

(Turns out, you have to actually press the "Publish" button to update it, so this release was pointless, but at least you get a few bug fixes early now!)

The actual bugfixes are:

* Fixed filtering.
* Fix a bug where the text area would scroll weirdly when entering and editing long toots.
* Fix a crash in the music player, and one in the sharing extension.
* Fixed a bug where custom emoji would be shown stretched.


Sometimes when I click the Private Message Bubbles on my ipad (ipad 2020, iOS 14.4) the entire toot app locks up and won't let me do any input.
It works fine after closing out and opening again, and the message bubbles work as intended on my iphone. Only my ipad has this issue!

Do you know about that one!

@ocean Yeah, there is an issue filed for it and I absolutely can’t figure out what is happening. It doesn’t happen for me at all!

@tootapp I wonder if uninstalling Toot on my ipad and reinstalling it would fix it


Never happened to me, however:
Poweruser-Thank-You for fixing :)

@tootapp I appreciate the transparency. I wonder, no pressure, if you would ever consider making the app OpenSource (e.g under artistic license).

I’m still willing to pay, even an annual fee to create some incentive/income for the development, and I’m sure many in the community would support.

Again, literally zero pressure, I’m just asking.

@Mehrad Personally I like open source, and I am proud enough of this code base that I kind of would like to show it off. Plus, it would be nice if people could trust it that bit more. But there are two issues stopping me at the moment:

First is clone apps in the app store. I don't mind of people download the source, building it themselves, and not paying for it. So few do that that it doesn't much matter. But when people build it, change the name and icon, and upload it to the app store at a lower price, that can really hurt you.

@Mehrad And the second is that I know that one group who would want to do that is Gab. And I just do not want to help them in any way whatsoever, and every part of my moral compass makes me oppose them in any way I can.

And there is no license which is would be classified as "open source" under the current definition, and would let me do anything about either of those.

@Mehrad If I am ever unable to continue supporting the app, though, I will most likely release the source to let others take over, though.


I totally understand. This (clones) is the biggest issue in most OpenSource software community. I completely respect your approach. I love the design of toot! and nothing can even come close. Good job 👍🏼

@tootapp I downloaded your app the other day and liked it enough to buy the upgrades within. It's great to see apps with personality and quirkiness. Props! 👍 👍

@ray @tootapp speaking of which ... what the heck does “Toot for men” even mean? What an obscure in-app purchase.

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