Toot! v1.15.1 is out!

This is a small bugfix release, which I pushed out while developing other stuff because I couldn't figure out how else to get the privacy policy to update, and I thought I might as well.

(Turns out, you have to actually press the "Publish" button to update it, so this release was pointless, but at least you get a few bug fixes early now!)


The actual bugfixes are:

* Fixed filtering.
* Fix a bug where the text area would scroll weirdly when entering and editing long toots.
* Fix a crash in the music player, and one in the sharing extension.
* Fixed a bug where custom emoji would be shown stretched.

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Sometimes when I click the Private Message Bubbles on my ipad (ipad 2020, iOS 14.4) the entire toot app locks up and won't let me do any input.
It works fine after closing out and opening again, and the message bubbles work as intended on my iphone. Only my ipad has this issue!

Do you know about that one!

@ocean Yeah, there is an issue filed for it and I absolutely can’t figure out what is happening. It doesn’t happen for me at all!

@tootapp I wonder if uninstalling Toot on my ipad and reinstalling it would fix it


Never happened to me, however:
Poweruser-Thank-You for fixing :)

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