Toot! v16.0 is out!

Wait, 16.0?

Yes, I got tired of looking at the "1." at the start of the version number, and realised I don't really have any plans that would result in me ever changing that to a 2, so I figured it might as well drop it. I never liked the three-part version numbers anyway, and it's fairly normal these days to just bump the major version for each iterative release.

Anyway, this is a release for getting rid of people!

The actual changes are:

* A proper native UI for reporting users.
* Blocking entire domains is now possible from the app, and editing your blocked domains can be done from the settings.
* Hopefully fixed a bug where openings message bubbles on the iPad would lock up the UI for some people.
* Fixed a small UI theming issue where some views might use the wrong colours on first launch.

I worry that I mad the reporting UI TOO MUCH FUN. Please don’t report users just to test this, no matter how bad their anime opinions are, even @halcy. He is trying his best.

@tootapp @halcy don’t worry, I reported you for using too much pink color in your app and charging extra money to remove some.

@ocean Hopefully it actually works, I could never reproduce it... 😬

@tootapp I’ll try it out tonight when I get home from work!!

@tootapp Thanks for adding domain blocks. Have had need for that more recently. Any chance you’ll ever allow custom font sizes? The small default font size is hard on my old eyes

@mcg Hopefully. It's tricky to get designs to work with varying font sizes so I have not yet tried.

@tootapp ummmmm well, now when it mysteriously closes itself it sometimes leaves the app still interactable, but the lock-up also still happens D:

@tootapp (the gif keeps going) i think receiving a second dm causes the original bug to appear again or something?

@tootapp Excited that this version will be about 15x improved.

@tootapp It would be a great feature to be able to mute a user temporarily, i.e. have them auto-unmute after a certain period of time. Say, 1d, ½wk, 1wk, 2wk, 1mon – and indefinitely. With the option to manually un-mute them anytime, of course. 💚

@kater_s It would probably be a bit unreliable to just do it in the app. This would be a good thing to suggest Mastodon itself implements, then I could add support for it.

@tootapp You may be right. I know the feature from TweetBot. Twitter itself does not support muting. But that‘s a different world. :) Client-based muting would work for me because usually I only use Toot!

In der neusten Version der iOS-Mastodon-App #Toot! könnt ihr jetzt auch schlechte Benutzer direkt melden, ohne in den Browser wechseln zu müssen.

Bitte nutzt die Funktion (auch in eurer Android-App und im Browser) - wir (vom Moderationsteam auf versuchen, uns so schnell wie möglich um alle Meldungen zu kümmern. Schreibt immer einen Kommentar zu eurer Meldung.

👿👹🤡💩👻 ➡️ 📢 ➡️ 🗑

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