I worry that I mad the reporting UI TOO MUCH FUN. Please don’t report users just to test this, no matter how bad their anime opinions are, even @halcy. He is trying his best.

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I have just released an update for WaveFlower, a toy app I created some years ago:


This apps the origin of the music visualiser in Toot!. It uses the microphone instead, so you can sing to it, or play your favourite instrument, or just make weird noises at it. It will respond by drawing shapes based on the sound waveform. It can be pretty mesmerising!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away and forgot to mention that I also finally added a Proud Friend icon:

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Is that not quite your style? Do you prefer to express your masculinity by having absolutely no personality whatsoever?

Never fear, the VENTURE CAPITAL TOOT icon is here to save you!

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Wait, what is that?



Did you always want to use Toot!, but did it just not look MANLY ENOUGH?

You can now buy Toot! for Men as an in-app purchase! You're a man, you can afford it!

You will get the all-new and entirely testosterone-fuelled TACTICOOL THEME:

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Well, beautiful it is not, on the first try, but it does build and run with a few tweaks, which is quite impressive.

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It's time for Toot! v1.8!


The big news this time is that there is finally a dedicated iPad interface, which is designed to use space a bit better, and allow more comfortable control.

In smaller updates, there is also now a switch to open all links in Safari, and if you long-press the action buttons on toots, you can perform them from different accounts.

Toot v1.7.2 is out!


This one is another smaller maintenance release, which has a few bugfixes, but more excitingly (at least for me!) it adds support for the image placeholders coming in the next Mastodon version. They are already live at least on mastodon.social.

These are implemented using an algorithm I developed, "BlurHash", which I have been working on getting open-sourced at may day job.

Some screenshots to show what images look like while loading:

Also, currently all profits from Toot! are going towards vet’s bills for a guinea pig who is doing poorly but trying her best.

This isn’t a sales campaign or fundraiser, just a note that if you’ve bought Toot!, you’ve helped a cute little guinea pig.

Also, the real reason this took so long to finish was that I put far, far too much effort into creating this colour picker. Figuring out a good touch interface, re-balancing the HSV wheel and triangle...

Considering releasing it on its own as a separate app after all that work!

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Here’s an example of custom colour themes. They’re really nice if you have lots of accounts and instances.

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