@a Toot just uses the same formatting that is provided by the server, and I think some non-Mastodon servers just do it that way, which is a bit on the weird side but oh well.

@liaizon @sengi_app @brandonsnotepad @zkat Unless the instance has disabled it, you can just use the timeline endpoints without sending an authorisation token.

@kater_s It would probably be a bit unreliable to just do it in the app. This would be a good thing to suggest Mastodon itself implements, then I could add support for it.

@mcg Hopefully. It's tricky to get designs to work with varying font sizes so I have not yet tried.

@tootapp Excited that this version will be about 15x improved.

@ocean Hopefully it actually works, I could never reproduce it... 😬

I worry that I mad the reporting UI TOO MUCH FUN. Please don’t report users just to test this, no matter how bad their anime opinions are, even @halcy. He is trying his best.

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The actual changes are:

* A proper native UI for reporting users.
* Blocking entire domains is now possible from the app, and editing your blocked domains can be done from the settings.
* Hopefully fixed a bug where openings message bubbles on the iPad would lock up the UI for some people.
* Fixed a small UI theming issue where some views might use the wrong colours on first launch.

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Toot! v16.0 is out!


Wait, 16.0?

Yes, I got tired of looking at the "1." at the start of the version number, and realised I don't really have any plans that would result in me ever changing that to a 2, so I figured it might as well drop it. I never liked the three-part version numbers anyway, and it's fairly normal these days to just bump the major version for each iterative release.

Anyway, this is a release for getting rid of people!

@stanhamil@chinwag.org Less than I originally paid apparently, when I went to the site I had credit?

@stanhamil@chinwag.org Did it months ago apparently, and it went to some waiting list and auction that I promptly forgot all about, and then won?

@ray I think there is no backend support for this, and with the current architecture it is quite difficult to do client side, unfortunately.

@ernie@fosstodon.org @WAHa_06x36 (Sorry, deleted and reposted from the other account to make this less confusing, but I wasn't quick enough!)

@ernie@fosstodon.org I THINK I signed up for some kind of domain auction, like, months ago? And then now I wake up to an inbox full of mails nagging me to place a bid because the auction is ending soon, and finally one saying I won.


Woke up to find that apparently I now somehow own toot.to/? Not entirely sure how this happened but it seems to be true.

It currently does nothing but forward to the App Store page, but, maybe I will come up with something else?

@stanhamil@chinwag.org Currently there is an option to add a content warning for all bots, but nothing for blocking completely.

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