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katie @tootinkat@mastodon.social

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every time i see someone bring up the phrase soy boy i always think about this gif

tooters of the world, unite!

Not active here as much as I wish I was tbh

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โ€œTrans culture is having cis people explain transness to you after skimming a tabloid article for 5 minutes."

rt "FELES on Twitter"

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warning extremely gay Show more

for those who talk about going on gab: please don't. you are supporting alt-righters by doing so.


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gonna mute all of the accounts that toot in japanese sry

i registered mastodon account a while ago but eh i'm totally here now

hi i'm katie. i'm usually a busted trans twitter commie that loves spurring political hot takes a lot but i guess im gonna be serious now.

i discovered mastodon quite a while ago but nowadays im a totally different person so disregard that please