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@SoniEx2 how about being worried about the others who might see shit?

@SoniEx2 so why would i want to let the nazi speak? removing such option makes no sense

@SoniEx2 also, this means that said nazi can post nazi shit without being stopped at all

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Not active here as much as I wish I was tbh

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@karyl i wanted to say "strawman", damn autocorrect

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@Ghast protip: go in chrome, press 'Add to Home screen' in the menu when you're on Mastodon homepage, and open it from the Home screen.

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@karyl in my experience this has been the thing that mostly reactionaries say. they're basically treating feminism as one ideology in order to sträckan the fuck out of it.

I mean, I somewhat departed from third wave feminism, but I have different criticisms for it that are based entirely on my political views.

for those who talk about going on gab: please don't. you are supporting alt-righters by doing so.


@cowsoncowsRblx @NickelNate678 Gab is made for MAGAites by MAGAites. Just check their Twitter account, it's awful

@slipstream @NickelNate678 yeah Twitter will fuck you over the moment it will have the opportunity to do so. don't trust them

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