Fediverse: how did you start learning computing? I want to hear your stories. Please RT!


@mishari it all began with an Apple II+. Games was a draw. But the main reason was to program UV EPROMS for some electronics projects. Learned Integer Basic and Apple Basic with a smattering of 6502 assembly. Progressing to PC clones and a Mac Plus, SE. Lots of coding in dBase/Clipper, Modula-2, PL SQL, and Python. All self-taught

@topquark @mishari BASIC class in 5th Grade connected via Olivetti yellow-paper TTY, punch tape, and acoustic-coupled modems to a Data General minicomputer at the county district office. Then Apple ][ BASIC and ASM. Macs in 1987; lots of HyperScript, AppleScript, 4D, Pascal, Excel, Filemaker followed. Stumbled upon BSD and Linux in 1999 and switched to C, MySQL, PHP, JS. Atmel AVR (pre-Arduino) and ARM ASM (tho mostly C) in 2002. Stumbled upon and started using Scheme and Emacs in 2003, Python in 2005, Git in 2008, and Clojure in 2012. Current day gig is mostly Ansible and Terraform. All of which self-taught and occasionally mentor-guided.
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