Tried to delete an old bitbucket account.

Ohohohoho <nerdspeak-begins>
Running an IntelliJ IDE in a container, with filesystem mounted from WSL, and connecting to it using IntelliJ Projector means that I can pretend I'm not running Windows.


The thing is, $(virus_download_link), I don't think very much to tracking pixels even when you screw up sending them to my email.

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We need LESS screenshots of #Tweets and MORE screenshots of #TOOTS


client: "We need this website"

me: "Okay, does it need complicated things, like ecommerce?"

client: "No, just images and text. And I'm in a hurry."

me: "Okay, no problem."

[two weeks of work]

client: "That looks great; now can we add ecommerce to it?"

[internal screaming]

In the dog house for failing to kill a mosquito which is, from all available evidence, imaginary.

Stopping by the fountain in the park again. There’s about 15 goldfish in the fountain that someone dumped there in the spring. Amazingly, they’re not only still alive, but also now accompanied by dozens of baby fish. I hope they make it through the winter.

Sat at my desk with a paid-for IDE open all day, but the only development I did was typing javascript into web applications.

Long exposure slightly overdone, but still looks kind of atmospheric.

Why does windows have ‘optional quality updates’?

Why is quality optional?

It seems like all the cool new tech things that I was most excited about 10 years ago are now prevalent and also awful. And the ones that I was staunchly against turned out to be a much better idea in the end.

Seems a little bit crazy, but today I am enjoying Javascript.

Finally got a fast internet connection after a mere 2 more months of waiting and 5 engineer visits.

This is an improvement. Faster and cheaper than the microwave dish I have been using.

It’s disappointing to know that I could have had this service since 2018 if openreach had kept accurate records.

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In this town there’s a GAME computer gaming store as a department inside of a SPORTS DIRECT sportswear store.

I like to imagine this is a stepping stone to formally recognising esports within the sportswear community.

Anyway, the mall security guards looked upset that there was a pile of kids bikes outside the store, so two of them went in. Then five more kids turned up and dumped even more bikes in the pile.

Did you know that all the sugar lumps in the UK come from a single mine which has been privately owned by the same family for 6 generations?

Woohoo, time to waste a day of developer time and a full deployment cycle on supporting Internet Explorer because 1 person complained loudly enough.

Install updates people. Stop using IE. Otherwise I may have to take revenge.

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