Thinking about the state of the web, 2018 from technical, societal and ethical perspectives. Achievements, setbacks, seemingly intractavle problems, surprisingly positive developments. What are your most notable web developments, positive and negative?

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@torgo I am positively surprised about how Mastodon seems to have taken off. I think its success is encouraging others and we are a lot more likely to see federated solutions in the future.

Negative? Facebook seems to be doing pretty well and staying the course, for a company that has screwed up spectacularly, publicly and repeatedly. One would have expected any one of these snafus to have an impact. It sends a bad message about people's regard for their own privacy.

@ricardojmendez unfortunately I think Facebook management is still in denial. Facebook users need to look after their own privacy - I wrote some thoughts here :

@torgo Facebook management isn't in denial, there just haven't been any repercussions. As long as people continue using them, they don't have a lot of incentive to clean up their act.

@torgo I think most notably in my nearly non-existent web-dev head space (I never really dove into web-dev) was Jens Weller's endorsment of Brutalist Web Design at #meetingcpp . Also I realised (as I said, no web-dev x)) that pure html+css websites can actually look quite good :D


1. ActivityPub is exciting and growing. I hope we spend more time thinking about how to combat abuse/spam in the fediverse when we truly become a target

2. Lack of browser diversity is worrying, but TBH this frog has been boiling for a long time; it's just that people are now starting to notice

3. Portal API may reduce the need to make an SPA – great for perf and lowering the barrier to entry for building a website

4. Web vs native – web still winning on desktop, but not on mobile

@torgo That Diaspora has (or at least most certainly will) outlive Google+ has given me hope that indie/'amateur' decentralization rather than corporate capture will be the more robust survivability mode of Web-based/Internet-based systems

*'amateur' - in the original Helenistic understanding of the word, as in done in passion & love of the 'art-in-itself' as opposed towards some 'larger' corporate or ideological purpose.

@torgo @nolan

- Mastodon’s growth and (mostly positive) acknowledgement by mainstream media
- I wish I could think of more, sorry

- Loss of net neutrality regulation in the U.S.
- Australia passing encryption backdoor legislation
- Jack Dorsey not yet fired from Twitter
- Facebook’s continued existence

@torgo On the positive site, it is incredible how easy it became to create „real life“ applications with web technology - even for beginning developers.
There is a huge collection of good knowledge resource and great open source libraries helping to achieve this.
On the negative site is definitely the progress in having a possible future where Google seems to be a big part of the foundation for many parts of it (Chromium, AMP etc.)
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