What I find problematic: people who supposedly support the open, distributed, indie web but who continue to be active on Twitter and eschew Mastadon/the fedivererse because it's not decentralized enough or something? Live what you preach and start supporting the real distributed social web, please. Rant over.

Wow looks like I hit a nerve with some people. To be clear, I also still use Twitter and I am not advocating abandoning Twitter. And yes, I also use Twitter cross-poster, but I use it in a deliberate fashion, not in a fire-and-forget way. I also write (an increasing number of) fediverse-only posts. It's great so see so much engagement going on here. In general I have found conversations here to be more thoughtful and nuanced. Conversations on the other place are usually … not that way.

@torgo You do realize all his tweets actually originate on his website, right? The original decentralized web.
@torgo I can't speak for him, but my reason was I didn't want essentially another identity and account to keep track of. That's why when you click thru on these messages you end up on my site instead of any Mastodon instance.

@aaronpk that's very cool, actually. And to be clear, I am a fan and count myself as a friend of @adactio, so my intention here was not to attack, but to prod.

@torgo Don't get me wrong, I'm all for calling out people who rant about the web on Twitter but don't actually have a website themselves, but I don't think @adactio falls into that category at all.

@torgo that’s a bit of a tough one maybe; those in the fediverse aren’t really the audience, you’d be preaching to the converted.

@torgo I agree, but it seems like you mostly use a Twitter re-poster with posts like this:

How about instead posting to Twitter and inlining @tess 's Mastodon account?

@ted it's a good point. Often when I make a T post and it cross-posts here I go in to Mastodon and delete-and-redraft, putting in proper references but I got lazy this time. :)

@torgo the network effect is real. i moved this acct over to mastodon, but my other acct stays on twitter. it wouldn't even make sense here, the audience for it is on twitter. here i would toot into the void. :(

@torgo Relationships with people take precedence over esoteric principles like "open web" for for people. And if those relationships exist on other platforms most people are not going to abandon friends & family on Twitter or even more relevantly, Facebook.

@torgo I'm still on twitter because I know who to follow there for my news sources and don't see a bunch of randomness I know nothing about. I am trying to like mastadon more but it's hard to find who to follow here, like it was at the start on twitter. It takes time to curate and there's a different bunch of people here. And all the different instances make things more difficult. The federated timeline is a firehose.

@torgo have you heard of transition? I still use Twitter but the more time passes by the less I'm using it. It's the same with many other people, you need time

@torgo to the people above, time to pull the plug on your friends : D

don't be pussies. put a big banner in your twitter profile saying THIS ACCOUNT HAS PERMANENTLY MOVED to <link>
and bail

which crossposter are you using ? I am looking one that replace any URLs to link to origin (in #decentralizednet ), or should I create mine ;)

@torgo It's tough because you definitely do lose your audience by abandoning Twitter. (Take it from me; I quit a year ago.) If it weren't for the fact that I have RSS subscribers somehow, I don't think many people would read what I write.

Ironically, my blog posts only tend to do well when someone tweets about it. 😕

@nolan I am definitely not advocating abandoning Twitter. I haven't done so myself and don't have plans to. But I am trying to spread the love to the Fediverse as well and at least putting *some* energy there. My point was: I think there are some open web purists who still see Mastodon/The Fediverse as "too centralised." From where I am standing though, Mastodon looks like a huge step in the right direction and worthy of putting some energy into.

@torgo Yes, if you are posting to your own site and syndicating elsewhere (POSSE) the ‘elsewhere’ might as well include Mastodon as Twitter.


@torgo Problem is, I can't find the right people on mastodon. I don't know how. Otherwise I would go hardcore and forget about Twitter. The conversation on masto is a lot more interesting, but it takes time to navigate. I can't search hashtags across the network or merge accounts so its very disposable.. I think it is possible, just has to be thought through or data harvesting becomes a thing again.

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