What I find problematic: people who supposedly support the open, distributed, indie web but who continue to be active on Twitter and eschew Mastadon/the fedivererse because it's not decentralized enough or something? Live what you preach and start supporting the real distributed social web, please. Rant over.

@torgo You do realize all his tweets actually originate on his website, right? The original decentralized web. https://adactio.com/notes
@torgo I can't speak for him, but my reason was I didn't want essentially another identity and account to keep track of. That's why when you click thru on these messages you end up on my site instead of any Mastodon instance.

@aaronpk that's very cool, actually. And to be clear, I am a fan and count myself as a friend of @adactio, so my intention here was not to attack, but to prod.

@torgo Don't get me wrong, I'm all for calling out people who rant about the web on Twitter but don't actually have a website themselves, but I don't think @adactio falls into that category at all.
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