Testing out PWA discovery with Samsung Internet.

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@torgo I assume it's suggesting PWAs from the manually curated list in Samsung Galaxy Store?

@ondra actually no. It's suggesting them based on the stats from the server that creates the WebAPKs.

@torgo Oh, that's much smarter. :)
I hope something like this will eventually lead to ephemeral PWAs that I wouldn't have to manually install but they will be automatically installed as an app icon and disappear after not being used for couple weeks or something.

@ondra unfortunately it's also a feature that is only shipping in the US right now for some reason I can't fathom. I had to change the locale of my phone in order to make it work in the UK. Trying to see if we can get it rolled out elsewhere. But it's a start.

@torgo is this data (index of known good PWAs) accessible to third parties?

@wjt no not right now. Also to be clear we do not store any data about who downloads and installs which PWAs.

@torgo sure! Interesting approach to crowdsourcing the list. There's a recurring interest in similar discovery-through-desktop-search in Endless OS and building a good index is one of the stumbling blocks.

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