gosh I like this one cotton shirt. It's thin enough for my bra to show through, but it's so waaaaaaaaaarm!

suklaalevitteet tulee oleen mun tuho ja turva

you know the kind of shitty type of cheese nachos you can find in a tex mex shelf?
Yeah, well I love that and found out you can buy a spice package and mix it in some sour cream. Shit cheese flavored everything!

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Honestly, I don't know how I survived last winter, my fingers are freezing

I have a heater my sister gave me but I'd rather be warm under a blanket than warm up the whole room, although it doesnt warm the whole room

honestly a kotatsu would be really nice right now

my seams are about as straight as I am 😂 😅 😂

can't wait to sew a straight seam in 10 years!


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