Entering the Matrix 👩‍💻

We are happy to announce an expansion of the Tor community's day-to-day conversations by bridging our IRC community the Matrix platform.

For regular Tor users, it means that you can chat with us using a friendly App like Element.


Less than two weeks to snag the TAKE BACK THE INTERNET t-shirt before it's retired forever! Only available as part of the t-shirt pack, and with a donation of $125 in the name of privacy online, you can make it yours. Donate here: donate.torproject.org

A guide to how stalkerware works, what to look out for if you think you may be a target of stalkerware, and what to do about it.


Wirklich ein tolles Gefühl anderen Menschen zu helfen Internet-Zensur mittels @torproject zu umgehen. Und noch dazu einfach mittels eures Browsers. Macht mit: snowflake.torproject.org/

We're hiring! 👋
💻 📱 Software Engineers for Applications Team

We are looking for two developers to join our team to help us with both Tor Browser development and mobile app development.


📈 🧅 How has the use of v3 onions grown in the last year? New on the blog, a guest post from Tobias Höller on his team's research about the status of v3 onion services on the Tor network:

📺 LIVE IN 1 HOUR (13:00 Eastern, 10:00 Pacific).

PrivChat #5 | Protection Against Pegasus

Institutions invest billions annually into buying & building malicious spyware. What can journalists, activists, & human rights defenders do to protect themselves?

In this edition of PrivChat, join Likhita and Etienne Maynier of Amnesty International and John Scott Railton of Citizen Lab.
Roger Dingledine, Co-Founder of the Tor Project, will join us as our host and moderator.


📌 Mark your calendars:
PrivChat #5 | Protecting Against Pegasus
Monday, Sept. 27 @ 17:00 UTC

Institutions invest billions annually into buying & building malicious spyware. What can journalists, activists, & human rights defenders do to protect themselves?

Every 3rd Friday of the month the Tor L10n Team meets to translate together, share tricks, have fun while translating, meet fellow translators, and find out about the l10n priorities for the Tor Project.

Come join us on the Localization Hangout, from Noon UTC, on the -l10n channel in OFTC. You can also use Element element.io/ to connect: -l10n:matrix.org.

More information: gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/comm

Join monthly Tor Localization Hangouts!

Every 3rd Friday of the month, the Tor Localization Team meets to translate, share tricks, meet fellow translators, have fun, & learn about @torproject l10n priorities.

NEXT HANGOUT: Fri., Sept. 17 @ 8am UTC


"This is what the NSA had long wanted – to ‘sit on the wire’, to watch all internet traffic and pick out whatever they chose. Now they finally had the crisis they needed to make it happen." - Cindy Cohn of EFF

You have 5 days left to contribute to Fund! The Bug Smash Fund keeps Tor strong, safe, & bug-free so millions can stay private online.

We need your help to reach our goal--we're $15,000 away. Every donation made in August counts!


📝 Copywriters, front-end devs, testers, and content reviewers: help us improve Tor documentation:

Join Tor's third Aug 30 - Sept 3.

Good documentation helps people use Tor successfully to circumvent censorship & take back their privacy!


This is going to be a very exciting opportunity to contribute to Tor's (@torproject) documentation! Come, join us! (1/n) #DocsHackathon


Happening in one hour: the monthly Tor Localization Hangout!

If you're a translator and want to get involved in the Tor community, now is a great opportunity to meet up and learn more.

When: 12:00 UTC onward
See below for instructions on joining:


We've joined a coalition of more than 90 organizations calling on Apple to halt its plans to scan the files and iMessages of iPhone users.


The discount on DV certificates for v3 .onion sites has been extended through the end of August!

Get your cert for 4.5€ per year from HARICA, a Root CA Operator founded by the Academic Network (GUnet), a civil society nonprofit from Greece.

Here's how:

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