Tor introduces improved features for power and bandwidth conservation, more accurate reporting of bootstrap progress for user interfaces, and an experimental backend for an exciting new adaptive padding feature.

Full changelog:

"Tor is best known for being used by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden but, with governments across the world cracking down on the internet, it is a resource that’s increasingly necessary if we are to guard the world’s right to a free internet."

Is your network unusually slow? Are websites blocked?

Install OONI Probe to find out if there's censorship or other anomalies on your network. It just got a major UX revamp, so it's easier to use than ever:


Coming soon to F-Droid.

Trump's nominee for Attorney General, William Barr, has a history of developing systematic violations of Fourth Amendment rights

Here's another Amazon product to keep out of your home: Ring security cameras.

"Ring has a history of lax, sloppy oversight when it comes to deciding who has access to some of the most precious, intimate data belonging to any person."

The final count is in! In 2018, we raised more donations from individuals than ever before.

Thank you for standing up for privacy and freedom online.

The Tor 0.3.5 series includes several new features and performance improvements, including client authorization for v3 onion services, cleanups to bootstrap reporting, experimental support for NSS in place of OpenSSL, and more:

We agree, 2019 is the year to use Tor. It’s also the year to share Tor with your friends, your family, and your networks.

Last call! Today is the final day for your donation to the Tor Project to count twice.

Take a stand against tracking, surveillance, and censorship online:

Last call! Today is the final day for your donation to the Tor Project to count twice.

Take a stand against tracking, surveillance, and censorship online:

"Being a dissident is hard enough... anonymized communication is a godsend."

You can help us keep Tor strong for activists in 2019 by making a donation.

Tomorrow is the last day for your donation to count twice:

Tor is the world's strongest tool for privacy and freedom on the web and helps ensure people fighting back against injustice can stay safe online.

Tor is free and open source software, and we need your help to keep it strong for the fights coming up in 2019.

Just 4 days remain to make your donation count twice. Donate today:

Limited offer!

From today through Saturday when you make a donation to the Tor Project, our newest tee can be yours for $15 less.

Stand up for privacy online and get Tor gear:

Our outreach efforts have turned to some of the best defenders of democracy, privacy, and human rights: librarians.

You can keep the onion's travels going by taking pic with it wherever you are in the world and sharing with the hashtag 💚💜

Thanks to our generous supporters who helped us raise $5k yesterday (that's $10k with @mozilla's match!), the Tor onion got to take a trip around the world.

And for the fun surprise, we've released a travelogue of the onion's adventures.

WE DID IT! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Thank you to everyone who stood up for privacy and freedom online and helped us reach our goal today.

We will release our surprise tomorrow 💜💚

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