❄️ Snowflake is helping people in Iran and other countries circumvent Internet censorship.

Let people know you're operating a Snowflake proxy by downloading and printing our Snowflake sticker pack!


New user guide: Circumventing Censorship in Iran with Tor!

If you are having issues connecting to the Tor network from Iran, please try these solutions


Today is the last day to donate to the Bug Smash Fund.

We need your help to raise $75,000 to smash bugs and complete critical Tor maintenance.

Will you help keep Tor strong by making a contribution—of any amount—today?


At Tor, we are very concerned about Google's plan to retire Manifest v2 and introduce Manifest v3.
This will not only affect privacy overall but also the ability for volunteers to support censored users around the world with Snowflake extension on Chrome.


🔴 A new Tor stable (, and was released today with an urgent bug fix (geoip data bug). Tor relay operators, please upgrade as they become available to you.

Full announcement:

You should be running version 0.6.1 of the extension:

✅ How to update in Firefox: Settings > Extensions & Themes > Manage > Check for updates.

✅ How to upgrade in Chrome: Menu > More Tools > Extensions > (Enable Developer Mode) and Update.

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❄️ 🚨 Snowflake operators, your help is needed!

Make sure you're running the most recent version of Snowflake. If you don't update, your Snowflake will stop working in the near future.

This includes people running the web extension AND the standalone proxy.

Dear relay operators,

Tor 0.4.6.x reached end of life and relays running that version will soon be rejected from the Tor network. Please upgrade your relay as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help powering Tor.

We need your help to smash Tor bugs. 👾 🔨
Can you keep Tor users safe from bugs, and connected to the open internet, with a donation to the Bug Smash Fund this year?


Tor is coming to Las Vegas!

🎲 August 12, 'How Russia is Trying to Block Tor' at Defcon, talk by Roger Dingledine.

🎲 August 12 - 14, Tor vendor booth, offering Tor swag, at Defcon.

More details below:

Arti 0.6.0 is now available! Arti is our ongoing project to create a working embeddable Tor client in Rust. In 0.6.0, we reworked many internal APIs to simplify and correct code, improve error messages, & provide more of Tor's cryptographic handshakes.


Looking forward to talking about our work at @torproject at 15:00 in the Abacus tent at 🥳

Also remember the Relay Operators Meetup at 21:00 today in the c-base village!

Dear onion friends and relay operators at @MCH2022camp,

Join us tomorrow, Sunday at 2100 for a meetup to talk about Tor, running relays, and updates from our contributors.

See you at the c-base tent! Please bring your own chair!


🟣 HTTPS-Everywhere has led a long career protecting our users. Now, HTTPS is actually everywhere. Firefox calls this feature HTTPS-Only Mode. Starting in Tor Browser 11.5, HTTPS-Only Mode is enabled by default for desktop, & HTTPS-Everywhere will not be bundled with Tor Browser.

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🟣 Plus, we've introduced a new feature called bridge cards. Before Tor Browser 11.5, bridges used to be almost invisible, even when configured. Now, your saved bridges appear in a handy stack of bridge cards—including new options for sharing bridges too.

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🟣 We've also redesigned Tor Network settings for users who prefer to configure their connection manually. This includes a brand new name—Connection settings—connection statuses, and streamlined UX for selecting a bridge.

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