We're hiring a developer to help us take our anti-censorship work to the next level.

Extensive experience writing and evaluating code in Python and Go is required.

Experience with Rust, internet security, and obfuscation technologies would be a big help.

Learn more and apply:

@torproject does the anti censorship mean you support speech by TERFS, Nazis and similar hate groups? Or will you not permit people from such groups on the grounds of the danger they cause to others?

@stevelord This team will help develop ways for people in countries around the world where Tor is censored to access Tor and browse the web freely and privately.

@torproject that wasn't an answer to my question. Can you answer my question?

@stevelord @torproject Well, it kind of does. Let me translate: "No, of course we dont! But that is not the point at all and we are not going to dicuss this shit in a 500 sign medium with a strange who seems slightly angry. Sorry."

They just put it in a litte bit more polite tone.


@torproject voila des projets qui me donnent envie de rester dev.

Bon, là je vais pas avoir le temps, mais trop bien :-) <3

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