Only about 16 hours remain for us to raise $4,365 more -- if we get there, we will release us a surprise 🎁

Help us make it, and you'll get to see the reveal:

@torproject If I donate Bitcoin, am I still eligible for the t-shirt??

@stevenroose @torproject Hi, you can get a gift when donating Bitcoin by sending an email to after you donate 😊 You can donate Bitcoin at / just make sure you put your email and donate the right amount for your desired thank-you gift!

@psychosomatic @torproject Hmm, looks like it's via BitPay. Sorry, won't do that. Let me know if you're actually accepting #Bitcoin next year! Tip: is an open-source alternative to BitPay.

@stevenroose @psychosomatic We'll look into that, thank you! You can also email giving at torproject dot org to receive a direct address for donating with Bitcoin.

@torproject @psychosomatic That would have been ideal! Already donated via credit card, though :|

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