There's no end in sight to Facebook's atrocities.

Facebook paid kids to install its VPN which granted "near limitless access" to their phone activity.

@torproject as long as they accept their TERMS. they're immune literally :) a fool is a fool at the end. or at least this should rise awareness among even kids to realize that using such services is insecure at all
@switchingsocial @torproject well. I don't think that installing any app at their own will and by their own choice is considered illegal. all Commercial corporations and such they use EULA or terms of use etc.. they usually sign that small box with their own hands in case of a phone or a mouse in case of a pc/laptop :P

@switchingsocial @r00tobo @torproject Agreed. It is not fair to assume children to read and understand terms and conditions. It should be an invalid contract regardless of what the other party claims.

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