We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users.

You can download Tor Browser for Android from our website or Google Play. It should be available from F-Droid within the next day.

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Please.... no.... PLEASE! Keep F-Droid version up-to-date!

@LPS @thomas_rader There is a delay, but it should arrive within the next day.


by the way, is it possible to enable shareing the screen with Tor, there is always a black screen, when I try to share it via miracast

@torproject In there are now two Tor browsers if you have the repo enabled, both are the same version, but the Guardian Project version is still called (Alpha).

Will these be the same, will the Guardian version disappear or will it be the beta channel?

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