This week, we have a very uncommon onion roots shirt available to you for a $41 donation. This is a favorite color among Tor contributors.

Just write in '41' into the other box on the donate page, and it's yours.

@torproject Does it matter if the "No thanks, I don't want a gift." checkbox is checked? Do I just have to trust I will get it even though the UI does not indicate I will?

@rugk @torproject I left the box unchecked and got an email asking for my shirt size.

@maxolasersquad @rugk Sorry for the clunky UI! We decided to save some resources and handle the discounted shirts in this roundabout way. You figured it out and should get your shirt soon. Thanks for your support!

@torproject doesn't work. It seems you only get the t-shirt if you donate $75.

@epifn If you put '41' in the 'other' box, we'll send you an email asking you for your size. Thanks for your support!

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