The Chinese government appears to have launched a major new internet crackdown, blocking the country’s citizens from accessing The Intercept’s website other Western news organizations.

@torproject It's an architectural issue. This cyberspace architecture is completely fucked up. The responsability is collective. It's no time to point fingers at anybody. We need in emergency a newcyberspace architecture.

@grainloom I disagree with this. I have studied cyber-powers genesis in digital technologies, approached new concepts as "cyber-power models" of digital systems or cyberspaces architectures, that represent 50% of the powers in the global power-equation. Adopting a new cyberspace architecture with a new cyber-power model can change the society much deeper than you may think, and allow to solve social problems. @torproject

@stman @torproject
> allow
that's the key word, that's why i said "technology alone"
you also gotta get people to actually use the new tech

@grainloom We need a change of model right ? Changing model does imply change the global power equation, therefore changing the cyber-power model of the cyberspace architecturen which is currently locked. @torproject

@grainloom Currently we have zero agility on cyber-power models in general in digital systems or cyberspaces architectures, plus we face numerous issues like the rising cyber-chaos which is exclusively the consequence of the current cyberspace architecture and the architecture of all its underlying technologies. I am exploring new concepts I have invented like meta-cyberspace concept, to create (It's not even restore) agility in terms of cyberspace archtiectures cyber-power models.


@grainloom A meta-cyberspace being basicaly a kind of universal infrastructure allowing to hold several very different and/or complementary cyberspaces architectures, with their respective cyber-power models. This is really new. And its allows the agility we lack to quickly change cyber-power models to shape the society differently.


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