"U.S. attorney general William Barr has said consumers should accept the risks that encryption backdoors pose to their personal cybersecurity to ensure law enforcement can access encrypted communications." 🙄

@torproject Sure, I'd trust Barr and the rest of those criminal scumbags to pick through my life, looking at where I've been, what I've looked at online, who I've contacted. Why not?

@torproject lmao yeah okay because that worked the last 16 times

@torproject Barr's a total shit, but that's pretty redundant to point out at this juncture.


riggggghhhht....because nothing bad would come from that.

@torproject What's needed is for this to bite someone influential in the rear end.

they need to see a demonstration of what can happen if a backdoor is breached.

Sadly, the extreme rich and powerful wouldn't be as adversely affected as us normal schlubs.

@torproject i'm down with this, as long as William Barr is willing to accept the risks of being fucked by a cactus. It's totally safe.

@torproject I thought this debate was over since the 90's and the clipper debacle, glad to see there's still some bureaucrats to remind us how fucking retarded governments are when it comes to technology 💪

@torproject How about not repeating the mistakes of past/present dictatorships.

Authorities should not even have the right to investigate you, let alone surveil you unless there has been credible proof beyond reasonable doubt that a serious crime has been committed.

@torproject governaments don’t respect your privacy, liberty of speech or freedom. I am glad that there are people that developed softwares like tor, tox, mastodon and others to escape off the mass surveillance

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