Privacy, freedom of expression, and access to information are human rights, yet these rights are denied online around the world.

You can help by running a Tor bridge.

If there was a package on yunohost I would really do it right away, but I definitly lack skills to be able to install it the hard way ...

@torproject I’m interested but worried about getting sucked into legal action. Can I be implicated if I’m running a bridge and the tor user is doing some criminal stuff?

@parusmajor @torproject - This was a cool project. I got a bridge set up. I see from the log that ORPort is reachable from the outside so hoping to see my bridge the relay search soon!

@torproject - how can I add to the bridge set up page? I'm on Qubes and used some info from that I'd like to refrence on the bridge setup page to help the next person.

@parusmajor @torproject - Yes, installed obfs4. I also see that listed as the transport protocol for my bridge on the relay search.

@Yeet That'd be great! We recently received a pull request with changes related to Fedora, so you could do something similar.

@Yeet @torproject depends where you live.

There's an ongoing case I'm the USA that will set a precedent soon.

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