BBC is now available as an onion service. bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion

.onion sites are better protected against blocking and censorship, making it hard for a state to disrupt publication or to ban people from accessing a given website.

is it provided by the BBC themselves, or is it some kind of proxy?

@torproject they also don't rely on the certificate maffia for their security :D!

@torproject Great news!
where can I read it on the BBC's website?

And: why redirect domain sans "www" to "www"! People should be doing the opposite.

@gharbeia @torproject The usual answer is "because CNAME". Because http doesn't do service record lookup, it's easier to just redirect.

Keep a thin service on your apex domain that just redirects, and run the actual service on another name that is more convenient to provision.

The www.* could be argued in the 90s to be lazy or ignorant, but in today's infrastructure patterns, it's a workaround for a lack of functionality in the web platform.

@clacke @torproject
I understand that bit. However I'm arguing the redirection should be in the opposite direction; from the thin service at www. to the apex. With the CNAME in place as you describe.

@gharbeia @torproject You can CNAME the www to some web CDN outside your control, or to something under your control but with special features, but you can't do that with the apex, as that would clash with your needs for e.g. MX and NS records on the apex.

I'm surprised and annoyed that browsers didn't start respecting SRV records like 20 years ago, but I guess the www. practice was widespread enough that the need wasn't urgent.
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